Thursday, January 2, 2014


What to Expect in 2014.

  1. New website launch for COUPONPAQ: we are launching a new user-friendly modern website in the first week of 2014 for
  2. In the course of the year we will service customers with upgrades, customization and ongoing support for the current & new version
  3. New platform launch featuring a new COUPONPAQ version expected in the 1st Quarter launch.  Unfortunately  the launch date has to be moved back to  September.
  4. New website for parent company INCENTIPAQ at with the product release to detail all the incentive marketing options of the new platform.
  5. In the last quarter a new division will be created from one of our 2001 pioneering applications which is getting a major facelift.

The New Platform

We realize that in the current market coupon distribution alone does not cut it, which is why we have completely rebuilt the COUPONPAQ platform as a component of our upcoming INCENTIPAQ platform.

The INCENTIPAQ platform will feature a multi/single vendor multi-language framework with the following modules:-

Major modules

  • Business Directory for multi-vendor environments
  •  Coupon Directory – rebuilt with unique coupon tracking and redemption to limit prints
    •   Introducing reprints feature for coupons that are not redeemed
    • QR CODE redemption for merchants using smartphones and tablets
  •  Flip coupon magazine with an online editor and google analytics tracking
  •   Rewards Directory  with points redemption
  • Contest Directory
  •  Loyalty program – multi-level program
  •   Affiliate Program -sitewide
  • Blogging Community
  • Club component
  • Mobile (jQuery mobile suite)
  •  Member Messaging
  • Coupon Events

Sub modules

  • Banner management                    
  • Redesigned email marketing component with templates and
  • SMS Texting powered by

General features

Here is a preview of some of the general features we’ve integrated. A detail list will be made available on product release.

Website design

The platform now has a superb thoughtfully laid-out front-end UI:

  • Completely redesigned responsive layouts.  With an online design editor, 5 editable layouts and 10 editable color themes. For our tinkering pros, layouts can still be downloaded and edited offline.
  •  Enhanced CMS page editor 
    •  With the ability to add secure site pages, add pages with widgets, manage site navigation online and choose primary home page.
  • Nice features include new stroke and solid colorful icons, configurable docking footer, unique backgrounds per market and much more.

Mobile Design

For our mobile strategy, we unapologetically integrated a beautifully redesigned jQuery mobile framework which is fully editable with jQuery theme roller and managed in the admin hub.

Market Segmentation & Strategic Targeting

  • Multi-level market (location) management 
    • Select and name segment- It could be geographic like areas, demographic like schools, psychographic such as football teams or any measurable segment you want to target.
    •  Add 2 level segments, example if geographic, you can New York, then add sub levels like Manhattan, Albany, and Tarrytown etc.
    •  Configure system to pop-up the markets on site entry for customer to pick from- set the minutes delay or turn it off.
    •  Add unique background for each segment or let them inherit the site background.

Globalization & Localization

  • The platform is now available in multiple international languages and comes with 3 per-configured language files, English, Spanish & French, with an online language editor to configure entire site text to any language.
  • Currency modification with symbols for cent and dollar equivalents.
  • Date modification and more.

Search Engine Tools

  • In addition to our previous SEO tools the new version features  URL Rewrite for search engine friendly pages.
  • Bing & Yahoo webmaster sitemap and webmaster added.
  • Site maintenance/pre-launch mode settings for pre-launch traffic generation while the site admin is updating the site.

Revenue Management

  • New invoicing and order management tools for admin
  •  Newly redesigned performance based and fixed pricing  structure set by the admin
  •  New Merchant sign up pages
  •  New merchant account and billing history module
  •  Newly integrated payment gateway like and more

Email Marketing

  • New email templates
  • Send emails to subscribers in a market
  • Subscribers receive auto email postings from select merchants they subscribe to when new deals are added.
  • Admin configures and manages all emails sent by the system
  •  Web version of email stored to increase traffic.

User Management

  • Introducing the super admin level for site configuration and management
  • Supervisory and sales employee roles for permission based access in the admin.

Main Site

  • Configurable splash screen
  • Unique search and viewing capabilities
  •  Dedicated merchant page with URL friendly access
  • Unique member pages
  • Redesigned shopper hub
  • Redesigned merchant suite

and the list goes on...
As much as I want to list all the cool money making  features, we have to reserve some for the actual launch, here is a sneak peak of what is to come.



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