Tuesday, January 14, 2014


A couple of years ago  I wrote a whitepaper that discussed the COUPONPAQ platform as a business using the 4PS of marketing.  

Over the next few weeks, I want to revisit the article on this blog and use different marketing models to analyze COUPONPAQ as a business including the SAVE (SOLUTIONS, ACCESS, VALUE, EDUCATION) for B2B and the consumer oriented  4CS (CONSUMER WANTS AND NEEDS, CONVENIENCE, COST, COMMUNICATION,) 

I  am going to  look at the first of each model today: PRODUCT, SOLUTIONS, and CONSUMER WANTS & NEEDS


COUPONPAQ as a product falls in line with the SAAS business model which simply means you offer a software as your service --or product-- to other businesses. 
Successful  businesses like salesforce, linked-in, mailchimp, trulia and more follow the same model.

Going by the explanation above the COUPONPAQ software is a web & mobile platform that facilitates the marketing and distribution of coupons for businesses to attract customers, convert and retain them.

Using COUPONPAQ, you create a website that offer businesses (advertisers)

  1. Dynamic tools to list and market their products online and on mobile devices  using the discount offers to attract and convert customers.

     These tools include,
    • Automated user friendly wizards that allow them to list and manage their business and promotions with photos and more from any computer with internet access.
    • Reporting tools with colorful graphic charts and PDF details on the performance of the ads.
    • Email marketing software that allows them to send instant promotions to subscribers on the directory.
    • A means to embed these promotions on their website for their site visitors.
  2. A traffic generating site that attracts prospects and convert them to customers.

    COUPONPAQ is built with the end user in mind. It is equipped with user friendly navigation tools that empower the consumer to get the savings they need when they are ready to purchase. It is packed with user –friendly tools that retains them and keeps them coming back. Some examples of these tools
    • Search tools
    • Coupon cart technology, which enables the end user to browse the site and add all the needed coupons to a print cart for printing.
    • print coupon capabilities
    • Ability to save coupons to use another time.
    • Ability to sign up for promotional emails from businesses they select. 
    • Subscribe to receive coupons by RSS feeds
    • Viral marketing, forward a promotion to friend and social networking tools
    • Attractive featured flash rotation that builds brand recognition and loyalty.
With the above tools your advertisers are likely to see a high return on investment and keep using your service.

A side product you gain from the COUPONPAQ is the built-in banner marketing option which enables you to sell banner ad space or list them from affiliate programs such as adsense, commission junction to increase your revenue. 


The current economy has seen more business close their doors than ever before. Businesses are finding it harder and harder to remain profitable with low customer spending. With the COUPONPAQ coupon distribution software you can offer local businesses a low cost effective means of marketing that will bring customers to their door step without the high commission rates daily deal companies like Groupon took.  Set a low flat rate and give merchants full access to manage and analyze the success of their marketing campaigns. 


Finally, in terms of consumer wants and needs, we are in a buyers' market today and we know it.  With the easy access of the Internet on mobile devices, comparison shopping is easier than ever. Merchants can stay competitive in this market by offering customers price match guarantees and mobile coupon discounts using your local COUPONPAQ marketing site. 

In summary, COUPONPAQ is an affordable business marketing application that marketers can use to offer coupon marketing solutions to businesses within a local. Although COUPONPAQ can be used as a stand alone marketing business, it is a useful tool that modernizes the free standing coupon inserts distributed by direct marketing and newspaper companies

For more info visit us at www.couponpaq.com 

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