Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 Tips For Your Online Coupon Distribution Venture!

Thinking of going online with your coupon distribution business? Here are 3 tips for starting and growing your business.
  1. Domain Name Selection.
  2. Niche Marketing: Location & Industrial Segmenting.
  3. Traffic Generation.

      1. Domain Name Selection

      A domain name (website address) can make or break your online business. A good domain name can increase your site visitors, return visitors and convert them to active shoppers. Here are some tips to help you choose a good domain name for your site. 
      1. Select a short 1-3 syllable domain that is easy to type and remember. if possible make it rhyme or make it quirky cool. ex. www.dollarsoff.com, bucksavers.com
      2. Convey the immediate benefit of your services  with your domain. Remember to sell the white teeth and not the toothpaste. ex. localdiscounts.com
      3. If you are local, add location to the domain.  ex. www.CouponsDC.com
      4. If you create a niche portal for an industry, include it in the domain. ex. www.AutoShopDiscounts.com 

        $2.95 .Com at GoDaddy.com!

      2. Niche Marketing

      We have all heard it! Go big or go home! Not true in this industry unless you have a Google type budget to start your business. Start small then grow big.  Creating a niche market immediately sets you apart from the big guys and allows you to effectively reach a segment of the market and build your business.
      1. Get a scalable software to power your site such as our couponpaq platform which has built-in tools to allow you to strategically segment your market.
      2. Start with your local area. Us the the built-in target area tools to add your markets where your local merchants and shoppers can meet.
      3. Consider going with a specialized directory. Using the category, subcategory built-in wizard, add categories for merchants to market and market to.

      3. Traffic Generation

      Without traffic your site is a dud.   Before you launch your business with the couponpaq platform
      1. Populate your directory before launch. Shoppers will come back if you have the deals and advertisers & merchants will be more inclined to list if they see a competitor there. Consider providing trial offers to your first few advertisers to build your portal. You can also add these advertisers yourself in the admin.
      2. Run a sweepstakes and provide rewards for shoppers as they visit and tell others about your site. Market yourself in your portal.
      3. Use social media advertising to get the word out about the benefits you offer.
      4. Consider going with a sales force. Every major media company has sales team selling their media, why not you. A sales/account executive will help you build personal relationships with the businesses in your area. 
      In conclusion, coupon/incentive marketing is one of the oldest successful pulls in marketing which will continue to evolve in this digital age.

      More people are using coupons than ever before.  With COUPONPAQ you will always get the best platform and team to help your business evolve and succeed.

      Stay in touch with us and look for exciting new features as we introduce them to help you succeed in your venture.

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