Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays (Holiday Hours)

COUPONPAQ.com will be closed Friday December 25th and Friday January 1st.

In addition, phone support will not be available on December 24th and 31st and support on those days may be limited to critical and time-sensitive issues.

To contact support, please enter a ticket at http://www.couponpaq.com/support and we will respond to your request based on the order in which it was received and the severity of the issue.

To contact sales, please email your account manager at sales@couponpaq.com and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's bigger, it's better, It's INCENTIPAQ...

It's bigger. It's better. Ladies and gentlemen, it's INCENTIPAQ & it's coming this fall. Stay Tuned!



Tuesday, September 1, 2015

COUPONPAQ Closed Sept 7 for Labor Day

COUPONPAQ will be closed Monday September 7th in observance of Labor Day.

If you need to reach our sales team during this time, please email sales@incentipaq.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have a support issue during this time, please enter a support ticket at http://www.couponpaq.com/support and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, based on the order in which it was received and the urgency of the request.

Thanks for your business and Happy Labor Day!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


We are having a summer sale at COUPONPAQ.com

Take 50% off our download license www.couponpaq.com/pricing

or enjoy a 50% discount on the first month hosting with the hosted license.

Use Promo Code SUMR50 at checkout .

Limited time offer.

Monday, April 6, 2015

12 Tips for creating an effective coupon campaign.

Here are 12 tips for creating a successful coupon campaign.

Tip#1...Make A Solid Offer!
  • Offer Discounts..."$50.00 Off!", "60% Off!", (percentage discounts are only good when they are high percentages and the value of the product or service is well known.) Dollars Off discounts work best.
  • Offer Bonuses..."Buy One/Get One Free!", or "2 Free with Each Case Ordered!", "Free Batteries When You Buy One Super Flashlight", or "Free Drop Cloth with Each Gallon of Super Paint", etc.
  • Offer Premiums...Offer premiums for a presentation, for a trial order, for a subscription, for a demonstration, for a new customer referral, for an order amounting to $xxx or larger", etc.
  • Offer Free Information..."FREE booklet", "FREE brochure", "FREE estimate", "FREE details", "FREE samples", "FREE trial", "FREE consultation", "FREE quote", etc.
Tip#2....Use Bold, Commanding And Specific Headlines!
  • "Save $50.00 on Any Portable TV....This Month Only!"
  • "FREE BROCHURE...'Beauty Secrets for Career Woman'!"
  • "Free Catalog Saves YOU 70% on Office Supplies!"
  • "Rent Two NEW RELEASE Video Movies--Get One FREE!"
  • "Buy One Dinner Entree--Get One FREE!"
  • "Buy Five Cases of Copier Paper--Get the Sixth Case Absolutely Free!"
Tip#3...Use Line Illustrations Or Photographs.
  • Illustrations work best when you show products in-use.
  • Illustrations enhance credibility, aid understanding, and create desire.
Tip#4...Use Your Logo In Your Coupon.
  • Use of logo: builds company identity and awareness in the marketplace, enhances your image, lends credibility to your offer, and improves response.
Tip #5....Make Effective Use Of White Space.
  • Don't clutter. Don't cram.
Tip#5...Sell The Benefits.
  • Save time, save money, increase profits, protect your family, improve your standard of living, be happier, improve your health, increase your income, increase your comfort, more convenient.
Tip#7....Appeal To The Self-Interest Of Your Customer.
  • Your customer is only interested in what you can do for him or her. Your customer will only buy the benefits-of-use of your product or service. Let me say that again...your customer is only interested in the benefits of use of your product....not the product itself.
Tip#8...Make Effective Use Of The 18 Most Powerful Words In Advertising.
  • free, now, new, how to, save, guarantee, money, easy, simple, you, proven, love, results, discovery, fast, amazing, sex, profit.
Tip#9...Always Up-Sell.
  • Offer extras when a customer requests information or places an order. Always suggest related items. Point out the added features and benefits of a higher priced item and then show the customer specifically how these features will make his life easier, safer, etc.
Tip#10...Spread Your Specials Around--Consider The Traffic Pattern In A Retail Store.
  • Set up product displays so that you force your customer to walk the entire expanse of your store. Your "impulse" buys will increase dramatically when you expose your customer to more products by well planned placement of "sale items".
Tip#11...Capture Your Customers Name, Address, And Telephone Number. Develop An In-House Mailing List For On-Going Direct Marketing Use.
  • Your customer list represents your most valuable asset. Your greatest potential for sales and profits lies in the customer database. To ignore this potential is pure folly.
Tip#12...Don't Stop After The Sale.
  • Create a planned program for continuous followup to your customer list.
  • Use ride-alongs, invoice stuffers, new catalogs, new product brochures, special sale flyers, preferred customer sales and discounts, customer appreciation events, more coupons. Keep your customers coming back to YOU!
Source:Thom Reece http://www.businessknowhow.com/marketing/couponing.htm

Monday, March 10, 2014

New IncenitiPAQ Coupons Layout

Per our recent press release, we are in the process of redesigning the COUPONPAQ portal as a unit to the INCENTIPAQ digital incentive marketing platform.

Following our video blog which showcased the modernized city layout for the INCENTIPAQ, here is a snapshot of the primary clean, customizable user-friendly layout of the platform.

For those who did not get a chance to see the video here is another look.


We are really excited about the new product and can't wait to share it with you in the next few months.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Managing your offline clients online.

Starting an online business does not exempt you  from offline sales and marketing efforts. As a matter of fact the opposite is true; good offline client relationships can lead to valuable exclusive deals for your site which will increase your site traffic and overall return on efforts. 

With the COUPONPAQ built-in admin tools you can easily add and manage promotions for your offline clients.  Here are some tools we offer
  1. Optional admin only client registration.  
    • If you want to use the portal only for your outside clients, you can turn the self-registration option off with one check. You can then add a message for merchants who find the site online and want to advertise on it.
  2. Special offline promotional packages for offline clients. 
    • With the custom pricing wizard, you can offer different offline packages for your offline clients and provide them with access to the merchant suite to manage and review performance reports online. The price packages will be hidden from merchants who sign up online.
  3. Sales force sales tracking.
    • You can create multiple hidden packages with discounts and use your sales person’s ID as the name of the package to track their sign ups. You can assign these price packages to your merchants

Steps to bring your clients online. 

If you already have the COUPONPAQ application here's how you add your offline clients. 
  1. Visit the pricing package area and add unique hidden packages for your offline clients.
  2. Optionally if you want to give your merchants access to the merchant suite to manage and check the performance of their campaigns, Visit the member area and add your merchant's account access info. You must be sure to keep their access level to vendor/merchant and assign the hidden packages created in step 1.
  3. Create their business profile ‐‐ add a new business and assign the merchant as the owner/poster. 
  4. Next add the active coupons and deals to the merchant's business.

Now take the time to send a personalized email to the merchant with  the merchant suite link and their username and password to to access, manage and review their online campaigns.

Remember, your success is our success, if you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us at www.couponpaq.com.